#3 Dr Jonathon Sullivan; on the Athlete of Ageing

Dr Sullivan was an Emergency Medicine physician for 25 years before deciding to become a full-time strength coach. He works predominantly with older adults, and is a major force within the strength and fitness industry as an advocate of strength training as a ‘medicine’.

A diverse and varied career, he was previously in the Marine Corps, an associate professor of EM, a PhD, a science fiction writer, and physiologist.

He joins me today to delve into why barbell and strength training is a potent medicine, perhaps even an antidote, against decrepitude and ‘human apoptosis’. We hear about clients in their 90’s deadlifting, how we can fight against the entropy of ageing, and how we can ‘prescribe’ barbell training as a medicine.

Clinicians stand up and take notice. This man is prescribing his clients with a more powerful prescription than you may realise.

His gym: www.greysteel.org

His book (co-authored with Andy Baker): ‘The Barbell Prescription’ is available at Amazon.

His youtube channel: Greysteel


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  1. J. Clark Avatar
    J. Clark

    I’m deeply indebted to Dr. Sully along with my son Jamie Clark S & C Coach at Sanford Academy and the indomitable ‘Rip’ from the WFAC. These people have provided me with an alternative to the inevitability of aging! At the ripe age of 75 I got under the bar doing squats, deadlifts, presses and bench presses. “I followed the program” started with the bar – 45lbs. I learned the basics, improved the techniques Went to the gym when I didn’t feel like it mostly 2X but sometimes 3X per week. Lots of ‘rest stretches’ included. Tried to eat more, took a protein supplement and slept better. I’m 77 now and today squatted 215, pressed 85, benched 115 and deadlifted 230 – all 3X5. Prescription indeed. My doctor still scowls at me and tells me not to get injured. Do yourself a favor get the books by these people. Lovin’ it!

    1. Thanks so much for your inspiring comment J! Your numbers are fantastic, and sounds like you are in great shape and with an upward trajectory. Pay no attention to negative vibes from the docs, you’ve got the most clued up doc their is on your side with Dr Sully there! Thanks again for visiting, Julian

  2. Eliot Hoffman Avatar
    Eliot Hoffman

    Hi. Thanks for this good interview. But I would just like to add that the book, The Barbell Prescription, was cowritten with Andy Baker.

    1. Hi Eliot,

      You’re 100% right, thanks for pointing out that’s my serious oversight there. I’ve amended the show notes to reflect that. Thanks for listening and your comment.