#4: Dr Mike Banna; a GP with skin in the game

Dr Mike Banna is a GP Partner in the south of England, Regional Director of the British Society of Lifestyle Medicine, a co-host on the Fitness Unfiltered Podcast, and proactively brings much needed balance and realism to topics across medicine and fitness. 

His transformational journey that began around ten years ago resulted in him almost halving his bodyweight. He has a passion for mental health and realistic, achievable lifestyle change, whilst bringing his own skin in the game and transformational experience to his interactions with his patients.

In this episode we discuss his work (6:22) the psychology, practice and challenges inherent in his transformation (10:26), and the narratives we tell ourselves (27:30). We also deep dive into how Dr Banna’s work with patients was impacted (33:10) the complexity of lifestyle (36:30), and how areas such as weight loss can be made way over-simplified to our detriment. We discuss the danger of echo chambers in the fitness industry (45:25), the pros and cons of utilising a ‘call-out’ approach (52:45), and the direction and some potential concerns of the lifestyle medicine field (59:27). 

A big thanks to Dr Banna, who can be found at the following places:
Instagram and twitter @drmikethe2nd 
Also check out his excellent co-hosted podcast, Fitness Unfiltered