👋 I’m Julian, and I’m an Emergency Medicine doctor.

Broadly, this is a space where I explore:

  • The process and effort of becoming a better doctor; lessons from other fields, craftsmanship, the mastery process, and trying to be deliberate about improvement.
Why ‘Stronger Medicine’?

I made this website back in 2019, when I was interested in exploring the gap between medicine and physical culture/strength training. I’m still interested in this space, but since then my focus has changed a bit. I still quite like the name and besides, I need a web address!

What’s the point in this website?

Sitting down to think about something, write it out, then publish it, is a process that mainly helps me to organise my thoughts. I’ve found keeping a record of clinical topics, conversations, ideas etc to be very useful to look back on, and it transforms fuzzy inklings into more concrete entities. Having it public means I also sometimes hear from interesting people out there who I otherwise wouldn’t know of. Also forces me to be a bit more organised with my thoughts and laying things out.

I generally write about things in my job that have given me pause for thought, such as aspects of a case that highlight a knowledge gap. Apart from medicine, I sometimes write about other things I’m interested when I have the time/inclination!


In-line with the above ethos, I like to teach as a method of self-improvement. I’ve found its a (well-disguised) selfish way to improve my own knowledge and skills. For this reason, I like to teach areas that I feel less confident about. Going from fumbling blindly with a clinical topic, to being able to package and cohesively present it, is transformative to upgrading the mental maps in my mind.

Teach to learn.

Boring factual bits
  • I’m an Emergency Medicine trainee working in the UK.
  • I studied a 4 year Mandarin Chinese degree, living >2yr in China.
  • Trying to be a (poor man’s) Popeye; my best lifts are: back squat 200kg, front squat 160kg, bench press 145kg, snatch 108kg, clean and jerk 140kg.
  • I’m a type 1 diabetic. This is in large part responsible for my passion for lifestyle and physical culture as a preventative and therapeutic modality across many areas of chronic disease.

Disclaimer for Stronger Medicine