Acute Coronary Syndrome; an Evolution to our Approach (OMI/NOMI)

Our current paradigm (STEMI/NSTEMI) is failing us and our patients.

This is a broad overview and discussion on why the current STEMI/NSTEMI paradigm is no longer fit for purpose. Although ST elevation is a vitally important ECG change to recognise, over-emphasis on this morphology risks missing many acute coronary occlusions, as we will see here.

This is a non-technical talk, focusing on a change in mindset and framing for ACS recognition. I’ll aim to create a future video going through some specific ECG findings to recognise for occlusion myocardial infarction.

In the meantime, the videos and resources below will do a better job than I ever could:

Recommended videos (and references/credit to these for a lot of my material):

  1. Stephen Smith; Myocardial Infarction;
  2. OMI Manifesto Lecture;…
  3. Pendell Meyers; The OMI Manifesto;
  4. ST-Segment and T-Wave Ischemia | The Advanced EM Boot Camp ECG Workshop;
  5. Amal Mattu; BER vs STEMI;

Links and references below for more:

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