These videos cover a sensible approach to dealing with patients who present with facial injury.

This is a two-part series, covering first an essential grounding in normal facial anatomy and x-ray images, followed by part II, which covers patterns of facial injury, examination, and a radiographic interpretation approach.

We cover:

  • Vital foundations in normal facial anatomy
  • Examination approach and how to document
  • X-ray and radiographic interpretation; a systematic approach
  • Different patterns of facial injury

Facial Anatomy for Injuries (Pt I)

This is part one of a two part facial injury series. This is a primer of facial anatomy for dealing with facial injuries classically seen in the emergency department, pre-hospital environment and urgent care. The more that’s understood about anatomy of the face, the easier it is to identify when something is wrong.

Facial Trauma and Injury; an approach (Pt II)

This video outlines an approach to dealing with facial injuries and trauma in the context of emergency medicine. We cover specific history and exam pearls, image interpretation, and findings that you can’t miss on managing the patient with facial trauma.

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