Arthur Boorman is an ex-paratrooper with over 200 jumps to his name. After retiring from active duty, plagued with injuries from his time in service, he went into a downward spiral that resulted in him weighing 340lbs, being riddled with chronic pain, suffering from depression, being sleep deprived through obstructive sleep apnoea, and a gamut of other issues.

Desperate, Arthur reached out to ex-wrestler named Diamond Dallas Page, who had set up his own Yoga practice system (DDPY). As Arthur puts it, Dallas “called [him] out”, and ultimately became an instrumental catalyst for the change that transformed Arthur into a completely new man.

His subsequent transformation video posted on youtube in 2012 has garnered more than 28 million views.

This conversation with Arthur explores the turmoil he was in, and the driving forces that enabled and sustained his transformation.

We cover:

  • How empathy from Doctors gave him the excuse to die
  • The brutal routine of his knee wraps, necrosing flesh, and agonising joint pain
  • How Arthur’s students thought he had died one day in class
  • The yoga studios that turned him away…and then tried to take credit for his success
  • The moment that Arthur realised he “was full of shit”, and what he did about this
  • That Arthur is not special, and that anyone can do incredible things for themselves if they identify their own ‘why’