Understand this.

Although there are many things outside of your control, what you do matters.

There are those who, despite everything, do what they can, with what they have, where they are.

You or I are not an exception.

We can.

Sometimes its hard to know where or how to begin, or whether something is even possible.

This resource is a repository of examples to draw from.

What you’ll find here are case-studies of individuals who may have had every reason not to try. But despite the adversity they each face, they showcase that they can.

This resource is to encourage you that, whatever circumstances we face, we have a degree of autonomy and choice over what we do with those circumstances. 

None of this is to discount or play-down afflictions or misfortune that anyone is burdened with. The individuals shown are to encourage, us in any way that applies to our own specific circumstances, that there we may be capable of more than we give ourselves credit for.

You will meet people who are burdened with chronic disease, disability, poverty, age, pain, cancer, mental ill-health and other challenges, yet call out the strength of the human spirit.

You and I are no different. We can.

I am indebted to the content here from all the individuals who are shown.
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